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   Alta France is a registered trademark which outlines the activity of Robert Losson, in particular: conception and assembly of "hand's crafted impliments" for the lifes finest desires domains of the taste in the widest sense of the term.
They are limited to the fortunate few.

All our products are hand made using in the most noble materials: Alloy 7020, TA6V Titanium, Special Steel, 440c, D2, Stainles Steel Damascus, etc.

Handle material is often Iron wood of Arizona Cocobolo.
Heat treatment is subcontracted to a very specialised company.

Alta Knifes are constructed and assembled by specific screw around mechanism of precision so they may be taken apart only if nesseccary.

Their modern and functional lines make them original and quality investment.

For special options contact Robert Losson.

This website regroups the standard product classified in four categories:

  •  Folding knifes, in particular the XYZ Line and on special order: Hunting Knifes
  •  Cigar Cutters for Afficionados
  •  Plane'truffle dedicated to this gourmet's mushroom
  •  Golden compass dedicated to the artistic worker
Alta France Coupe Cigare
Length (closed) 9 cm
Width 28 mm
Weight 80 gr
Blade metal Damas Inox
Opening system Scisor
Sheath Yes
Price 530€
Alta France Tube Cigare
Length 15, 17 or 20 cm
Diameter 20 mm
Weight 25-30 gr
Material Carbon fiber
Opening system Waterproof
Price from 50 to 55€
optional leather link, 5€
Alta France Canif'Truf
Length 20 cm
Blade metal Damas Inox
Price 190€
Alta France Rabo'Truf
Length (opened) 30 cm
Width 85 mm
Weight 350 gr
Blade length 7 cm
Blade metal Z40C13
Handle material Z40C13
Price 150€

Robert Losson also produces Golden Compasses, which conserves the proportions of the Golden Mean: (1+V5)/2. Please contact Robert Losson for information.


To order a Alta France product you can use snail mail or fax. Please contact Robert Losson for freight costs.

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