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   "You will find in this personal gallery some knives produced during the last 10 years. They are not sorted in the chronological order, they are just some technical & style references. I realize now, after folding the photos of this gallery, the importance and the attraction of the metal that I unconsciously use as a support and a pretext. Naturally, the precious woods, fossil materials and horn, as well as Micarta or other modern materials find their place, but the omnipresence of metal is indisputable. My last knife the "XYZ" will not contradict me.

   Making knives is relatively simple; this is, in fact, the sum of series of small simple operations to be done in a certain order. The last operation, generally sharpening, can be critical. But obtaining the result that you were expecting, is not as obvious, in particular if you want to associate aesthetic, originality and solidity in your creation. Respecting this "trinome" is what I try to do... after how many dismantlings and resumptions, sometimes temptation to abandon, with burns and pains of the hands after a hard day of work.

   So, when you have the possibility to observe and to purchase knives made by a craftsman, imagine they are the sum of thoughts, "savoir-faire", time and love of nice works that the knifemaker wants to transmit in order to give you the pleasure to appreciate this meticulous object. By your approach, you return to the maker some of the passion he invested in this knife.

   I would like to take advantage of this occasion to thank all my clients, because many of them became friends, by their choices and their encouragement to continue. Thank You."

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