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   Concerning the Systems approach, from knife makers point of view, it is necessary to understand the mechanisms of movement and locking from the folding knife blade.
I hope this site will help you understand and discover other Systems and their particularities.

Des systèmes en vrac !

I would be grateful for any other information concerning knife Systems; in particular "Secret Knifes" to add my reference library. So that,we may share our passion for systems with other collectors on this website.

Enclosed some famous Knifemakers of the System's world, who searched, often found, and innovated:

"Funny Folder"Mr.PERRET,Garry L.BARNES, D.E.HENRY, Bob HAYES, Francis BOYD, Denis LEMAIRE, Barry WOOD, Pat CRAWFORD, T.M. DOWELL, Paul POEHLMANN, Scott SAWBY, Mickael WALKER, H.H.FRANCK, James B.LILE, Vaughn NEELEY, Mr GUTMANN, Fred PERRIN, Chris REEVE, Walter "Blackie" COLLINS, Emile BACH VAN BEN, Wolf BORGER, Charly BENNICA, Jacques SENEGO, Mr NEVEU, Jacques MONERIE, Randall GILBREATH, Gerry JEANS, Arthur SOPPERA, Ron LAKE, Bob TERZUOLA, Ray APPLETON, Arnold J.CARSON, and may be you?

I apologize for the names I have forgotten. Do not hesitate to complete this liste, by contacting me at

I encourage you expressly to consult the Will HANNA'S Portofolio's for the 101 Patented Knife designs, a real bible for serious collectors.

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